The goal of many CEOs is to reach a comfortable age in which to retire so they can enjoy a “slower pace.” The CEM has observed a slightly different focus once our executives have retired; they like to pursue relaxation and recreation at the same busy pace as when they were working! Our retired CEOs are busier than ever and their goal is to be active and vital for as many years as possible.  Dr. Mariano understands this goal and provides these actively retired CEOs the peace of mind that their health is being monitored by someone they can trust.

Patient appointment times are expanded so patients can spend time with Dr. Mariano during their visits in an unhurried environment.  Patients rarely wait when they arrive at the CEM.  There is no waiting room in the CEM building, just a receiving room where Dr. Mariano and her staff are waiting to welcome you.  A patient’s time is valuable and Dr. Mariano and her staff work diligently in orchestrating patient referrals and schedules.