The CEM considers all of its patients “VIP”s (Very Important Patients).  Many of our patients are celebrities. To most physicians, taking care of a celebrity can be a challenge. Dr. Mariano is expert at taking care of celebrities and VIPs, having authored medical articles and lectured at conferences around the world on the care of the VIP.  In addition, Dr. Mariano’s nine years at the White House taking care of the President, First Family, as well as foreign leaders has made her the authority in the field of VIP medical care.

Celebrities and VIPs are provided the same high quality and discreet care that all of Dr. Mariano’s patients enjoy.  In addition, Dr. Mariano’s medical office is designed to accommodate the celebrity’s security detail and entourage when these patients arrive for their visit.   No press statements are issued without the approval of the celebrity and their communications staff.