Dr. Connie Mariano founded the Center for Executive Medicine (CEM) on November 11, 2005. As a retired Rear Admiral in the U.S. Navy, Dr. Mariano chose this date, Veteran’s Day, in recognition of her twenty four years of military service.

The gold star used on the CEM’s logo symbolizes the one star Rear Admiral Mariano wore on her gold shoulder boards while on active duty.

The star logo reflects the philosophy of our practice; our “STAR Treatment” for all of our patients. Borne of the belief  “all of our patients are stars”, the letters in the word STAR represent elements of our practice that allow us to treat every patient as though they were the President of the United States:

*Service     *Trust     *Access     *Relationship

A few examples of quality service found in the CEM STAR model of care include patients calling directly to Dr. Mariano or to our office without the obstacle of a phone tree or answering service.  Patients also experience little to no waiting time during appointments and have a bare minimum of paperwork to complete during their visit.

The second element of the STAR model is trust. Trust is extremely important to any lasting relationship and provides our patients the comfort of knowing the CEM team is reliable in delivering the highest quality service consistently. Whether the task is to fill a simple prescription at the member’s favorite pharmacy or as complex as arranging medical assistance in an overseas location, the CEM can be trusted to get the job done right. We work diligently on behalf of every patient and can be trusted to keep our word in all that we do. In order to establish this level of trust, we must also provide the third point of the STAR model: access.

Access is paramount to everyone who works or plays in a fast-moving environment whether they are a high-level executive or a happily retired professional wishing to live a long, active life. In order to minimize a patient’s time spent making appointments or dealing with illness, the CEM alleviates the stress by providing unfettered access to a physician on a 24/7 basis. The CEM is able to provide this access through the leverage of technologies such as smartphones and e-mail communications along with a responsive staff that is trained to quickly assess a situation and provide concise details for decision-making to the doctor whenever she is busy seeing patients in her clinic. Another key concept in providing this level of access is to use a “by appointment only” scheduling template. Scheduling by appointment allows the staff to plan the visit and maximize the entire team’s time to focus only on the “president” seeing the doctor. The CEM has a proven track record for providing same or next day appointments whenever possible and when it cannot be performed, schedulers take the time to juggle the schedule to find a date and time that best fits the member’s schedule.

“It’s all about the relationship”; this mantra echoes in the halls of the CEM as Dr. Mariano reinforces her final point of the STAR philosophy. Beginning with the very first meet and greet, positive relationships are being forged with potential members to promote optimum outcomes and a mutual partnership in the pursuit of wellness for our members. Dr. Mariano develops a personal relationship with each and every patient to formulate an individualized care plan that embraces the desires of the patients with state-of-the-art practical medicine. This approach to care is only possible through a positive doctor/patient relationship.

The STAR philosophy was developed from the rich history and reputation of Dr. Connie Mariano’s career both in military medicine and the White House, as well as in the civilian sector taking care of VIPs at the Mayo Clinic. The CEM is the realization of Dr. Mariano’s dream to provide patients with the care they deserve in a medical practice similar to that enjoyed only by world leaders.

The CEM invites you to experience it’s “five star” medical care with us. For further information, please contact our office at (480) 945-2494 or email ContactUs@CEMedicine.com to arrange a complimentary meet and greet.