“WOW, Dr. Connie, surely your response time qualifies for a mention in the Guinness Book. ” – Traveling CEO, Florida


“Thank you for the quick response! I know first hand from [my husband’s] sometimes crazy schedule that working “normal” hours is not usually possible, so I appreciate the response in what was probably not made during “normal” business hours.” – CEO couple, Switzerland


“A short message to let you know …(husband) is recovering well from a successful surgery on Thursday. So…..all is well! Thank you for all you have done to help us get to this place. We are forever grateful.” – CEO’s wife less than one week after joining the CEM and receiving a lifesaving physical exam, Texas


“You’re the only doctor I know I can reach on a weekend at midnight with a concern that has been keeping me up at night. Having you as a doctor is a “plus” in our lives.” – CEO, Aspen


“Any doctor who’s taken care of three Presidents of the United States is good enough to watch over my health. Dr. Connie has positively changed my life forever and for that I am eternally grateful.” – CEO, Indiana