Most active and retired executives travel outside the continental U. S. for business and pleasure on a regular basis. Dr. Mariano and the CEM understand the medical hazards and obstacles to care while traveling abroad due to the extensive research and preparations involved in the care of the President and his staff during long overseas trips. The possibility of contracting an illness or having to be hospitalized while overseas is a nightmare most travelers can do without, not to mention the impact to the business or traveling party during the acute phase of illness.

The CEM provides its patients a way to prevent this travel disaster scenario. As a member of the International Society of Travel Medicine, Dr. Mariano remains abreast of current overseas health conditions as well as the local security threat one may encounter in any given region. Through the use of various up-to-date databases and overseas contact lists compiled for many years beginning with Dr. Mariano’s tenure at the White House and continuing to the present day, the CEM uses the itinerary for a member’s trip to generate a comprehensive report which includes maps of the region, immunizations recommended, appropriate local medical facilities, and current security threat levels.

The CEM can also administer many of the required immunizations during a patient’s pre-travel advisory appointment. Dr. Mariano also prescribes medications for patients to bring on their trip to use for conditions such as traveler’s diarrhea, jet lag insomnia, bronchitis, influenza, as well as other infections. The CEM can also refer patients to services that offer medical evacuation, rescue, or escorts. From personalized medical care to intelligence-gathering similar to what the President of the United States receives for foreign travel, to medical rescue services, the patients of the Center for Executive Medicine receive presidential level service.